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Looking for a House to Rent - Where do you start ...

It has become much easier to find suitable houses for rent since the internet became popular. It's still worth looking through local newspapers as many landlords will still be placing adverts there in search of local tenants, but it has become so much easier to use the web to find the property you're looking for.

You can often search for specific criteria to suit your needs including number of bedrooms, furnished or unfurnished houses, bath or shower, garden use, parking, etc.

Plus it's very useful to be able to see a number of photographs of your prospective new rented house.

You may be looking to share a rental home with others to help cut down on monthly costs, and there are a number of websites catering to those kind of rentals.

Also check with your local housing association to see if you meet the criteria for one of their properties. There may be a long waiting list however.

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